How to Make Money on FaceBook

Facebook is quite simply massive. Last count there were 350 million registered users with 175 million of those logging on each day.

Do you think you can make money with that sort of traffic? Of course you can!

Create a popular Facebook page or group

First, create a page or a group by clicking on the following link

You need to make it interesting, popular and “viral worthy”. Think outside the box, try and work out what is going to be popular. The hard bit is, you need lots and lots of followers (2000+). Start by inviting all your friends and asking them to invite their friends. If you’ve chosen your subject well, has a unique (and popular) angle, it will go viral and hopefully snowball in numbers.

Once you have this following you can advertise in a number of ways but a favourite is too use the My Stuff Ap application to create an advertising box where you can promote affiliate products or sell advertising directly.

Using social ads to sell goods directly or through affiliate links.

Facebook Social ads allow advertising on Facebook by targeting. For example if you had a golf e-book to promote you would target people who had entered golf as one of their interests.

You can also use demographics such as age, gender and relationship status. If we take relationship status as an example if you were selling membership to a dating site you’d target people whose relationship status was single. If you were selling a ‘how to organise the perfect wedding’ ebook you’d target people that had a status of engaged.

The great thing is you don’t need your own product, or your own website, you can direct your ad to an affiliate link and get commision from each sale..


Sell items on Facebook marketplace

You can sell a product directly through market place to your friends or, more excitingly from a money making perspective, to people on the same network as you. Using the golf ebook as an example you’d join as many golfing networks as possible to try and get the largest exposure for your product.

Create a popular game or application.

Facebook games such as Mafia Wars and Farmville have got million of players. They are usually free to join but players pay to get upgrades and advance quicker.

To do this you either need to be a progammer with skills such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL API, FBML. If that is daunting……. you’ll need to pay someone or more likely a group to do this for you.

Apps (short for applications) such as the ‘my stuff’ Ap can be sold for money or more often given away free to create massive traffic to your facebook page. You then sell advertising on this page.


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